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Lisa is an Architect, Environmental Activist and an Artist. She considers scientific research, teaching, and environmental advocacy as a key part of her art practice.  As an artist, Lisa focuses on the consequences of sea rise on the landscape, in particular coastal cities and rising seal level. 

She has exhibited at many galleries around the world and is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and environmental conferences on how artists and architects confront climate change.


BA in Design of the Environment from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA
Master of Architecture from Columbia University, New York City
Instructor at (RISD) Rhode Island School of Design


The current work deals with climate change and building into fragile coastal eco-scapes. There is an inherent conflict between building and nature, in that built infrastructure disrupts the natural patterns that keeps the environment in balance.

Lisa uses her background as an architect and planner to portray the built geometric systems that interact with the formations of nature. She has researched and written about climate change issues and is incorporating scientific data into the new works. By being cognizant of the impact and working on solutions we can ameliorate some of the consequences of climate change.


Lisa grew up in central Mexico, among a community of artists and political activists. Her parents were immigrants and artists.


She was a principal of an architecture firm Boston for many years.  The firm designed numerous buildings for the sciences, research labs and for universities.  


Lisa also writes extensively on art and climate change. She is an art reviewer for Hyperallergic and other magazines on environmental issues. She is a frequent guest lecturer at environmental conferences on art and climate change- see events page.


The upcoming Hollywood science fiction movie starring Josh Lucas will display several of the Grid series paintings.

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