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Florida's Climate Change Inspires Artists Across the Nation


Floridians have plenty of reasons to worry about the environment. Sea levels are rising. Downpours flood our streets. Hurricanes threaten our rich environment.
But it isn't only Floridians who are worried. Many Americans are following the Sunshine State's story, and artists across the United States are taking action to make Florida's tenuous environmental reality known.
"I'm an artist doing social practice, and I believe this can really effect change..”

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  lisa in gallery  

March 2017

— Aesthetics of Disaster Climate Change Art
By: Christopher Snow Hopkins
Climate change artists are well-versed in matters of public policy and have endeavored to effect social change through a variety of tactics. This cadre of artists inhabits the nexus of art, science, exploration and activism.

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APril 2017

— Approaching Abstraction
By: Cate McQuaid
Abstraction can be offputting. The curators of "Abstract Systems" propose a wayin: See the art as a system. Organizers Lisa Reindorf and Andrea Plotkin have gathered a terrifc roster of artists..

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  Video at Boston Biennial IV seemore


— Reindorf at Galatea
Man Vs. Nature
by Joshua Ascherman
Lisa Reindorf is no stranger to political art; she's received acclaim for a series of gesturally painted panels depicting the expansion of Syrian refugee camps as seen from the air. This October, in at Galatea Fine Art in Boston's SoWa District called "Building IntoWater," the artist tackles another vital political issue- the environment.”- read more>

October 2016

Blog By Chantal Blodeau

Land is being drastically reshaped by human intervention and affected by climate change. My work visually addresses the inherent conflict of built infrastructure and ecosystems. Natural systems that have been disturbed by the expansion of man-made structures apply counter-pressure in response to disturbances. In other words, man intrudes into nature and nature strikes back.

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Brandeis University

—Visiting Artists

Lectures on Art and Environmental Crisis
Lisa Reindorf | "Artists confront Climate change Mapping the Effects on the Land

"Architect, artist and climate activist Lisa Reindorf gave a guest lecture that provided an overview of the interconnections between politics, economics and environmentalism, along with other fields, on
Wednesday, March 22.

Touching upon the works of other artists and environmentalists as well as her own oeuvre, Reindorf highlighted the ways in which artists can serve as important educators in the realm of environmental action.

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lisa at galatea
  Building into Water Exhibit Video play