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It all started with rolling red tomatoes. Bouncing down the cobblestones in the market. Our artist father had brought us to Mexico to live. A donkey knocked over a cart and all those piles of fruits and vegetables, once carefully stacked, were a big mess. I helped restack them, carefully arranging the shapes and colors.

Thus began my life long love for color and systems. Eventually I became an architect, designing environmentally sensitive buildings. Then an artist, entranced by the colors of flaminco pink, marigold, and azure blue.

Now my work focuses on the collison of manmade infrastructure into the organic shapes of nature, in particular climate change and building into fragile ecosystems.

  Education I received a BA in Design of the Environment from the University of Pennsylvania and received a Master of Architecture from Columbia University. I was also an instructor at RISD. Climate Change My current work deals with climate change and building in fragile eco scapes. There is an inherent conflict between building and nature, in that infrastructure disrupts natural patterns and natuare strikes back. Collectors Work is owned by collectors such as the governor of Colima, Mexico, film producer Eric Stange, opera singer Brenda Lewis, former Clinton economics advisor Dr. Robert Lawrence, the head of the Boston Arts and Business Council, several members of the Boston Symphony, and Hillary Clinton. Hollywood Movie The upcoming Hollywood science fiction movie starring Josh Lucas will display several of the abstract Grid series.  
I am a guest speaker at environmental conferences on how artists confront climate change and environmental issues.
MexicoAt a national conference on conference change in Cancun, I spoke on artists and environmental responsibility.Brandeis University As part of the universities Art and the Environmental Crisis, I was a visiting artist and guest speaker on how artists convey climate change affect on the land. Canada At the Environmental Symposium at the University of Guelph I was the keynote speaker ont how artists and filmakers confront climate change, focusing on melting ice, rising tides and floods. Teaching Climate Change At Northeastern University, I was a moderator on the conference on Teaching Climate Change.



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Gallery in Mexico

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