University of Pennsylvania –

Climate Change talk “Melting Ice to Rising Seas” and exhibit by artist Lisa Reindorf 

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Brown University Granoff Center for the Arts

Climate Change Exhibit “Sea of Troubles” by Lisa Reindorf opens Sept 6th 2018

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Art New England Magazine

Aesthetics of Disaster Climate Change Art by Christopher Snow Hopkins

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Brandeis University

Visiting Artist combines Art and Environmentalism- by Emma Kahn

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Boston Globe

Approaching the Abstract- by Cate McQuaid Art Critic

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Artscope Magazine 

Reindorf at Galatea- Man vs. Nature by Joshua Ascherman

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Miami News Times 

Florida’s Climate Change Inspires Artists Across the Nation by Minhae Roth

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The Ontarian Newspaper 

Environmental Symposium Keynote Speaker Lisa Reindorf- University of Guelph, Canada

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Exhibit – Sea of Troubles, Rising Seas & Sinking Cities

Brown University- Granoff Center for the Arts Providence RI

Aerial views of coastal ecosystems, depicting the conflict of building infrastructure and natural patterns.
Brown Arts Initiative addresses topics such as natural and manmade landscapes, constructed environments, ecologies, global connections, and climate concerns.
Sea Monster and Ocean Invaders at Granoff Center
Ocean Invaders and Sea Monster-  Installation with the Artist

Ocean Invaders
Ocean Invaders – Installation

Rising Seas
– Installation View – Rising Seas
Toxic River
– Installation View – Toxic River
Sinking Cities
conversing about Sinking Cities